i'm looking for some wheels form my Bug

Hello you guys.


I'm looking form some nice wheels to put on my pick-up?

Any idees or does any 



 of you have some for sale?



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5 spokes Empi's would be nice!

Gepost door: Nico | 14-01-07

That's my pile there on that pic :-), come and choose one.
I agree with nico, empi 5 spokes on a t2a,hmmmm
greets mike,

Gepost door: air-mike | 14-01-07

als ge nog ni genoeg keus hebt, waarom geen lekkere rattige american racing 5-spokes?

Gepost door: senone1 | 14-01-07

Bling Bling I would go for some polished American Racing Mags (just to give Gertski somethng to do) or some Erco's... Let it bling bling... Cya

Gepost door: TsOin tSoiN | 16-01-07

polijst ze zelf, k'heb koppijn

Gepost door: lexotanafficionado | 17-01-07

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